Alex Reid could earn £5.5 million

Alex Reid cut a forlorn figure as he packed his belongings after splitting with Katie Price, with the harsh reality of moving back in with his parents in Hampshire finally hitting home.

But his sister Claire McArthur exclusively tells Now how he’s coping, revealing: ‘Alex has always been an optimist. I can’t say any more, but he’ll be fine and is looking to the future already.’

Alex’s future may not be as bleak as he thinks. The 35-year-old could earn as much as £5.5 million!

Our showbiz insider tells us: ‘Alex won’t walk away empty-handed. He stands to gain an estimated £5.5 million if he plays his cards right.’

£1m = Half of the house.

£1m = Share of earnings from their published interviews.

£1.5m = Share of spousal earnings from her income during their marriage. Minimum estimate!

£2m = He’s already being considered for his own three-part reality show, a book deal and fitness DVD.

Read the full story about Katie Price and Alex Reid in this week’s Now magazine dated 31 January 2011 – out now!

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