Alex Reid uses fake tan injections

Alex Reid has a controversial way of looking bronzed, according to Vinnie Jones.

The pair met on Celebrity Big Brother in January and have been sharing their beauty tips since.

‘Alex told me he has himself injected with fake tan,’ claims Vinnie, 45.

‘Can you believe that? It changes your skin tone but apparently makes you sick for three or four hours. I’d never do that.’

Vinnie, who may well be joking (we certainly hope so!), admits he’s metrosexual.

‘I like going to see the little Chinese lady down the road for manicures and pedicures,’ he tells Glamour.

‘It all comes down to hygiene. I’m very big on lotions and I’m obsessed with aftershaves. Back home I’ve got an 18ft shelf covered from one end to the other in aftershaves.’

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