Alice Philpott

Name: Alice Phillpott Age: 24 Location: Worcester

Alice learned French at school and from a young age considered language to be one of her strengths, practicing every year on family holidays in France. She continued to learn French to A-level standard but chose to study History rather than French at Bath Spa University.

During her time at university, Alice was given the opportunity to study abroad for a semester on the Erasmus scheme and spent five months in Aix-en-Provence soaking up the sunshine in the south of France. She found the experience challenging at first with only her secondary school level French to help her but soon picked up the language, and after university chose to return to France to work as a language assistant.

Her language skills helped her get a diploma in teaching French as a foreign language and she worked for a further year abroad before returning to England. She’s now looking for opportunities to showcase her French here in the UK.

Alice says,

“Studying in France was a fantastic experience – as a result of speaking French I’ve met people from all over the world. Languages give you an opportunity to discover a new way of life and I’ve found speaking French to be incredibly enriching. I also believe that learning a second language teaches you a lot about your own language and culture as you learn to look at your own country with totally new eyes.”