An extra-special hug

The day you become a parent, your entire focus in life changes. You instantly become worried about every little thing they do and are always looking out for anything that could cause them harm.

Whether it’s stopping them running down the stairs with no slippers on in case they fall, or being paranoid that a cough is the start of a terrible cold, the worrying and fretting never stops.

Naturally, the thing about becoming a dad is that it made me look at my own relationship with my own parents far more closely.

Sadly, my dad died this Christmas after a long and brave battle against a brain tumour. At just 61 he was far too young and it was something I never expected to happen just yet.

Fortunately, I was able to spend much of his last few weeks with him and say many of the things that all too often get left unsaid.

It’s also made sure that I give my daughters a slightly longer hug than normal every day. Just because I can…

Apester Lazyload