And… stretch

Ooh the things we do to try and lose weight… I’ve done all sorts of things – spinning, body pump, step, aerobics, and I joined a gym and battled with the cross-trainer, exercise bikes and running machines.

My induction at the gym didn’t get off to a great start. The instructor took me over to the exercise bikes. I got on the first one, started pedalling, and the screen went blank. ‘Oh dear,’ he said. ‘That’s weird. Never mind. Try the next one.’

So I got off, climbed on to the next one, started to pedal and the screen went blank. He pressed all the buttons, but couldn’t get it to work at all. We moved to a third one. The same happened again. ‘See!’ I said, gleefully, ‘it doesn’t want me to do exercise!’

So I decided to do Body Balance. A cross between Yoga, Pilates and Kung Fu, I thought it would be lovely and gentle and a great way to tone up.

After two sessions I realised I’m extremely unsupple and the only thing I actually liked about it was the bit at the end where you lie on the floor in the dark for 10 minutes… Bliss. Now that’s the sort of exercise I can do for hours…

But whatever it did for relaxation, it did nothing for fat-burning, so it’s back to taking my bad moods out on the cross-trainer again, unless you’ve got any better ideas… What classes do you think I should try next?