Anne-Marie Loguercio

Name: Anne-Marie Loguercio
Age: 23 Occupation: Student
Location: Putney, London

Anne-Marie has just returned from a year in Malaga, Spain, where she was studying and working in bars and restaurants in the city. Her Spanish language skills allowed her to immerse herself fully in the culture and lifestyle of the city, making a wide network of Spanish friends and opening her eyes to the exciting Mediterranean way of life.

Passionate about travel, Anne-Marie has always wanted to live and work abroad. In addition to her time in Spain, she’s spent five months in Belgium and had a particularly memorable experience road-tripping through Portugal, where her knowledge of other languages allowed her to communicate with a range of people she met along the way.

Tri-lingual Anne-Marie also speaks Italian and French and is in her final year studying French and Spanish translation at Roehampton University. She’s currently interning for a travel PR company, an opportunity she’s certain she wouldn’t have got without her language skills.

She comments,

“Speaking languages opens up the world and makes your travelling experiences even more incredible. I hope to continue to travel in the future and know that my language skills will help me out wherever I choose to go”.