BB winners and losers

Last night Sara and Lisa won £25,000 each and Rex and Darnell were given a final warning over bullying Sara.

In case you were tucked up in bed for the second special episode of BB last night, let us recap for you.

Housemates were made to nominate who they wanted to leave the show – in front of each other. Ouch! Lisa and Sara got the most votes, but that wasn’t all Big Brother had in store…

The girls were then given the opportunity to win £50,000. Ha! The others clearly didn’t see that one coming.

They each had to hold up a card saying either ‘take’ or ‘share’. If one had held up ‘take’ and the other ‘share’, the ‘taker’ would walk away with the cash, if both held up ‘take’ neither would win and if they both held up ‘share’, they split the money. Get it?

They both went for the ‘share’ option, scooping a whopping £25,000 each.

All we can say is thank God they’d both annoyed people this week. We couldn’t have coped with any of the others winning the money!

On a more serious note – Rex and Darnell have both been given a second warning for bullying Sara after Ofcom, the TV watchdog, received over 1,500 complaints – second only to the number received from viewers during the Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody race row.

The incident people were upset about involved Darnell calling Sara an ‘ugly bitch’ and a ‘slut’. (What a gent.) Rex joined in the ‘teasing’ which reduced Sara to tears.

Where to next?

Bullying help and advice