Beards, pies and bikes? We love it!

Everyone we’ve spoken to seemed to watch – and love – the Hairy Bakers on BBC2. Sadly the series has ended now but we’ve been left with a load of lovely recipes and some fond memories of men with beards and pies.

We even had an email from the lads – Dave and Si – themselves offering us recipes from the series, including that delicious Bakewell tart and chicken & mushroom pie. I say ‘we’, but actually it was sent to our food ed Anna and signed ‘lots of love’. She’s a popular lady!

Anyway, just in case you’ve been holidaying on Mars for the past month and have missed all the excitement, these are the Hairy Bakers-inspired recipes that you loved most on goodtoknow:

1. Classic apple pie
2. Steak & veggie pasties
3. Chicken tarragon pie
4. Celebration cakes
5. Victoria sandwich
6. Salmon en croute

Happy baking!