Bex snogs someone else

Bex snogged Mohamed last night!

We know, we thought they hated each other too, but last night Big Brother’s Rebecca Shiner and Mohamed Mohamed kissed.

Let us bring you up to speed…

Dale started a game which involved everyone having to drink raw egg or face a dare.

Bex and Mohamed refused and so their fellow housemates made them snog each other.

Luke – who has been flirting with Bex for weeks – was gutted. He and Bex went off for a chat after the event, which went something like this…

Luke: ‘I didn’t know until tonight that I liked you. But you’ve proved you don’t really like me by kissing Mohamed.’

Bex: ‘I like you, I really like you!’

Then they kissed too.

Looks as though it may have been all for the best in the end as it’s made Bex and Luke finally admit they like each other. Let’s just hope it’s not over before it’s begun as Bex is up for eviction tonight.

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