Big Brother latest: Mario’s secret task

Big Brother’s Tree Of Temptation has set its first task for housemate Mario, who has entered the BB House as ‘The Mole’.

As Mario brushes his teeth in the bathroom, the Tree tells him he must smuggle a beach ball and pen into his Mole Hole.

Mario is then asked to inflate the ball and write an incriminating message about a fellow housemate on it, leaving it in the garden to be discovered.

‘Who are you gonna frame?’ asks the Tree, who tells poor Mario he looks like ‘a s**t version of a school production of Wind In The Willows’.

About ten minutes later, Mario manages to smuggle the items into his Mole Hole.

‘The Tree Of Tempation gives challenges and missions to the housemates,’ says Big Brother’s creative director Phil Edgar-Jones.

‘It will reward them if they complete the challenge, but they will feel the Tree’s wrath if they fail.’

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