Big Brother – the first eviction

They’ve been in the house for just a week but already the housemates of Big Brother 9 have given us hours of entertainment. There’s been tears, shouting, flirting and even a wedding – albeit a fake one.

But, all the fun and games are over for someone as the four housemates who failed their first task are up for eviction. Before you make your decision about who should go home, here’s a quick run down on the four.

Stephanie, 19 from Liverpool

Stephanie may be the favourite to go, but when she stood up to bully Alexandra, she may well have won over a few of her skeptics.

Mario, 42 from Warrington

We don’t know about you, but we’re still in shock after watching Mario and Lisa snogging and feeding each other strawberries in the Diary Room on Mario’s birthday. One of them has to go soon as we’re not sure how much more smooching we can take.

Lisa, 40 from Warrington

We don’t fancy Lisa’s chances much. As if the Diary Room kiss-fest wasn’t enough, that laugh’s going to get pretty grating by the end of the summer.

Luke, 20 from Wigan

Possibly the least offensive of the four up for eviction, but with the likes of last year’s Charley lasting as long as she did, we all know it’s not the nice, quiet ones we want to watch.

Who’s annoying you already? Scroll down and vote for who you want to be evicted…

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