Bisexual prawns, anyone?

The other night I was invited for dinner with celeb chef Nancy Lam at her restaurant, Enak Enak. You might remember her multicoloured hair and crazy glasses from Channel 5’s launch or her appearances on TV shows like Through the Keyhole and Light Lunch.

I spent the first 10 minutes gawping at Nancy’s collection of photos of herself with celebs from Kylie to Russell Brand and a pic of Cynthia Payne with a note: Sorry I lost one of my best girls. Russell, she told me, had the whole restaurant in stitches.

Nancy’s the perfect host. She ordered a selection of starters and mains to share and explained each dish as it arrived. She makes an amazing summer sorbet from fruit from her garden. The pork in her sweet & sour dish was amazingly tender and I kept a close eye on her ‘bisexual prawns’ (she cracked up laughing when she explained that you can’t tell the sex of a prawn) hoping for seconds.

Other customers arrived to be greeted like long-lost friends. As a couple walked in, Nancy yelled: “So you’re not f***ing dead then!” and flung her arms round them. There was such a friendly atmosphere that I spent way longer there than I’d intended.

Later Nancy and I snuck off for a chat about cooking, so watch out for all her tips, recipes and Christmas food ideas coming soon to goodtoknow. And if you’ve got any burning questions you’d like Nancy to answer, then write to me and let me know. – it’ll be a great excuse to pop in and sample her food all over again!

Thanks to Uncle Ben’s