Brad and Angelina showdown!

After a huge row with Angelina Jolie, the stressed-out actor says that he just can’t go on

Brad Pitt has threatened to go on strike as a father if Angelina Jolie carries out her threat to adopt again.

But Angelina’s desperate to complete her ‘rainbow family’ and she’s deadly serious about adopting a child from Syria, much to Brad’s amazement.

‘He thinks Ange’s insane, but he also knows that he’s powerless to stop her if she really wants to do it,’ a source tells Now. ‘He worries how they’d cope with seven kids. He’s a very dedicated father, but the stress of it all makes him want to run away.’

Friends say that Brad, 45, is ‘totally overwhelmed’ by his fast-growing family and is desperate for some time alone. But Angelina, 34, has branded him immature and selfish over his complaints and thinks he’s acting like a big baby himself.

‘Brad feels they’ve expanded their family way too quickly and he’s struggling to cope,’ says our source. ‘He’s gone from being a carefree bachelor to a father of six in just a few years and it’s stressing him out beyond belief.

‘He’s worn out by his parental responsibilities and is missing life as a bachelor.

‘That doesn’t wash with Ange, who has her hands full with the kids and charity commitments. It’s impossible to see how this stalemate can be resolved unless she gives up her plans to adopt again or he walks out for good.’

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