Brendan has Lisa in tears

Brendan Cole and Lisa Snowdon had a huge bust-up after judges on Strictly Come Dancing slated their first performance at the weekend.

Bosses feared the pair would refuse to work together this week after the fiery dancer, 32, stormed off, leaving the 36-year-old model in tears.

‘Brendan went off into one of his moods and Lisa couldn’t understand what she’d done,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘She was devastated, crying and sobbing. It was very harrowing. She was very upset.’

Lisa appeared on BBC2’s Strictly Confidential to clear the air afterwards.

‘I couldn’t understand what I’d done to upset him. I thought he was angry with me but he wasn’t,’ she says.

‘He did storm off but we have now begun training again and all is OK.’

Brendan is said to have also reduced previous partners Kelly Brook, 28, and Natasha Kaplinsky, 36, to tears on the show.