Brigitte Nielsen is to have surgery on live TV

Brigitte Nielsen has revealed that she’s going to have a complete body makeover – live on German TV.

‘I’m doing a complete overhaul, a basic renovation – facelift, eyelift, facial fat injections with my own fat, liposuction and I need new teeth,’ she says. ‘It really is as if a horde of craftsmen are getting an old house in top shape.’

The actress says her intention is to expose ‘the secretiveness in Hollywood’ about stars who go under the knife.

‘I know that I’m the first celebrity woman in the world who’ll be filmed in the operating room without any taboos,’ she tells BZ. ‘I’m sure this will start a discussion. It’s time that things change. I feel like 30 and I want to look it, too.’

Brigitte, 45, is married Italian model Mattia Dessi, 30, her fifth husband. She was previously married to Sylvester Stallone, 61.

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