‘Bring on the winter weather’

Now, I know this may not make me very popular – in fact I’ve already had some funny looks from Jolene and Louise in the office when I mentioned this just now – but I’m really looking forward to winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine. I had a brilliant holiday in Italy in July and spent most of it lounging by the pool lapping up the 35 degree rays. But a week’s all I really need in a year thank you very much.

I know we’re hardly having a tropical summer, but I’m ready for big jumpers, open fires and cooking my dinner without having to have the back doors open for fear of over-heating.

The only good thing about being hot is the possibility of a tan, and you can get that in a bottle!

So, I say roll on the crisp dark mornings and good riddance to sticky train journeys and sleepless nights – who’s with me?!