Britney and the big family reunion

After what seems like years of poor old Britney stumbling from one problem to the next, she’s finally reunited with the family. Just look at how she’s turned her life around!From the latest pictures of Britney with her mum Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn, you’d never know they’ve hardly been on speaking terms for the past year.

Since February 2007, poor old Britney was on a downward spiral. First we heard about the bizarre hair-shaving incident, then she was in and out of rehab like a yo-yo which was followed by a series of court incidents where Britney was charged with a hit-and-run and also had to surrender custody of her children.

Since the summer, things have looked up for Brit. She and her ex, Kevin Federline, agreed more visits for Britney with her kids, she’s due to release a new album and she’s absolutely glowing. As she celebrated her two sons’ birthdays with her family it seems that Brit has finally put alleged alcohol and drug abuse behind her to start a new life.

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