Britney’s mum dishes the dirt

Poor old Britney Spears. Just as she and her mum were getting their relationship back on track, Lynne Spears has gone and released a tell-all book about her daughter – revealing some very intimate secrets about Britney’s personal life.

In her book, Through The Storm, Lynne tells the world how Britney lost her virginity to her 18-year-old boyfriend at just 14, started drinking at 13 and was taking drugs at 15.

We know – we couldn’t believe it either. What sort of mother reveals private details about her daughter’s life? Especially when she’s been going through such a hard time recently.

That said, we have to admit we really want to read it! Does that make us as bad as Lynne?

What do you reckon? Do you think Lynne’s gone too far? Will you be reading Through The Storm? Join our chat.