Bye bye Gary

Is it actually possible to get a worse write-up than Strictly Come Dancing’s latest casualty, Gary Rhodes? Not only was his dancing awful I just couldn’t warm to him. There was nothing John Sergeant-endearing about his performances. Just a constant reminder that he’s that ex-spikey-haired chef that likes everything to be just so (having once tried to make his wild mushroom steamed pudding, which is unofficially the most difficult recipe in the world, me and Gaz fell out a long time ago).

The judges described his dancing as ‘flat as a pancake’ and that his ‘lurching neck’ and ‘hunched back’ were never going to get him very far in the competition. Forget all of that – how about the smugness that beamed into my lounge on Saturday night? It was one of those I’m-shouting-at-my-TV moments!

My money’s still on lovely John. He’s the star of the show in my eyes. Who’s your favourite?