Cute carrot Easter party favours

No Easter party or egg hunt will be complete without these adorable little carrot-shaped Easter craft party favours. You can make in them in just three simple steps.

Our craft queen, Gemma Chandler, shows you how.


You will need

– Yellow, orange and cream tissue paper

– Ruler

– Scissors

– Tape

– Sweets

– Green raffia

– Brown name tag

Step 1

For each carrot, cut out four sqaures of tissue paper measuring 20cm square. Place the layers one on top of each other and roll into a con, twisting the pointed end and securing with a piece of sticky tape.

Step 2

Fill the cone with sweets, then scrunch the top of the tissue paper cone and tie with a small length of green raffia. Trim the top with scissors to neaten.

Step 3

Write a name onto a brown name tag and tie onto the carrot favour. Repeat with the different coloured tissue paper until you have the number of carrot favours you need.

Craft by: Suzie Attaway