Catherine Zeta Jones – what have you done?!

Catherine Zeta Jones was snapped at a party in New York this week looking far from glamorous.

We’re used to seeing Mrs Michael Douglas looking every inch the Hollywood starlet, like in our ‘before’ pic, but the other night (see ‘after’ pic) her skin looked blotchy and her complexion spotty.

But the big question is why? There’s lots of speculation out there: a little bit of sunburn, long-term effects of UV damage, a chemical peel not yet healed, or just that at 39 she’s finally looking like a normal nearly 40-year-old woman with a busy career and family!

Whatever the reason, we’re sure next time we see Catherine she’ll have her youthful glow back. That’s the beauty of having millions in the bank and a contact book full of dermatologists…

Why do you think Catherine’s skin looks so bad? Or do you think it’s a lot of fuss over nothing? Join our chat.