Cheryl and Ashley say goodbye

We’re imagining Cheryl Cole’s redirected her mail, booked a final leg wax and loaded up on sunscreen.

But while the 27-year-old attends to the mundane tasks associated with a transatlantic move, sources say that before she leaves Blighty for good she has a special goodbye dinner to go to… with ex-hubby Ashley Cole.

‘There’s still a lot of love between Cheryl and Ashley and there always will be,’ reveals a Now magazine source.

‘It was Ashley’s idea that Cheryl come over to their former Surrey home for dinner before she leaves. She’s keen to pick up a few belongings as well.

‘They’ve stayed in touch since the divorce and talk often. He wanted a private opportunity to wish her luck in her new life.’

Hot on the heels of Derek Hough giving Cheryl a £10,000 bracelet over New Year, Ashley has bought her a gift too.

‘He knows he left Cheryl devastated,’ adds the pal. ‘He wants to say a final sorry for hurting her so he’s bought her a bracelet.

‘He knows he’ll never be able to undo what’s been done, but he loves Cheryl and wants her to start her new life knowing he’ll always be sorry for what happened.’

Read the full story about Cheryl and Ashley Cole in Now magazine dated 31 January 2011 – out now!

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