Cheryl & Ash – marriage counselling?

Cheryl Cole and estranged husband Ashley are reportedly planning to take part in marriage counselling sessions.

After a series of calls, The X Factor judge is said to have agreed to meet the Chelsea footballer, 29, as early as next week at their marital home in Surrey.

‘Cheryl has agreed to see a counsellor with Ashley to hear his issues,’ a source claims in the Daily Mail.

‘Of course, she is devastated and furious at what he’s done. But she accepts she owes it to their marriage to talk it through with him.’

Cheryl, 26, announced her split from Ashley last week over allegations he cheated on her with several women.

Meanwhile, the Girls Aloud star is reported to have agreed to let her husband see Chihuahuas Buster, 4, and Coco, 3, when he returns from France, where he is being treated for a broken ankle.

‘The dogs mean the world to both Cheryl and Ashley,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.

‘In effect, they’ve negotiated an ad hoc custody agreement. Cheryl won’t stop Ashley seeing the Chihuahuas, but long term she wants them with her.’

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