Cheryl Cole’s love child fear

After fears that she’d give in to Ashley’s pleas to reconcile, Cheryl Cole’s loved ones were astonished that their reunion last week lasted less than an hour.

Cheryl, 26, may be crumbling in her resolve not to reconcile, but the horrific consequences of her husband’s infidelity have started to hit home, sending her emotions into freefall again.

‘These girls admit they had unprotected sex with Ashley,’ a friend tells Now. ‘What if one got pregnant?’

If Ashley was capable of keeping quiet about his infidelity, it’s made Cheryl wonder what else is to come.

‘If a child of his is out there, they could surface at any time. It may all come to nothing, but Cheryl’s gripped by fear.’

Read the full story about Cheryl Cole in Now magazine dated 29 March – out now!

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