Cheryl Cole turns to Posh for advice after Ashley’s cheating

Victoria Beckham is said to be comforting heartbroken Cheryl Cole after claims Ashley Cole cheated on her.

The footie star allegedly romped with single mum Aimee Walton, 22, after a drunken night of partying last year.

And now Cheryl, 24, is desperate to save her marriage and is seeking some much-needed advice.

‘Victoria has strong views on this situation but feels in a good position to help Cheryl through it,’ an insider reveals.

‘She told her she has to be honest with herself and if she believes she can save the marriage, to do everything to make that happen.’

And Posh, 33, reckons a little retail therapy is sure to help.

‘She was clear that Cheryl should not bury herself away,’ the source tells the News of The World.

‘She told her to get her hair done, put on some expensive make-up and buy an amazing new outfit to get out and face the world.’

Victoria faced similar worries in 2004 when PR Rebecca Loos claimed she’d had an affair with David, 32.

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