Cheryl joins Twitter

Cheryl Cole has finally joined the masses and signed up to Twitter.

The former X Factor judge already has 71,395 followers – that’s nearly 4,000 more than Pope Benedict XVI – despite the fact she hasn’t even Tweeted yet.

‘Dont believe everything you read….except what you read here! news and updates direct from Cheryl and her team,’ reads her profile, which is verified with the name @cherylcole.

Of course, there’s a lot we’d love Cheryl, 28, to give us updates on.

Will she ever speak to Simon Cowell again? Has her mum really accepted her reunion with ex-husband Ashley Cole or does she hate him? How on earth did the love rate talk her back into his arms?

‘They have drawn a line under everything and are staring afresh,’ a source tells the News Of The World.

‘She’s already talking about kids and they want a house abroad where they can get away.’

We can’t for Cheryl’s first Tweet.

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