Cheryl’s Hollywood break

Cheryl Cole is taking the first step towards becoming a film star. Ashley Cole’s ex is off to Hollywood.

Chezza’s due to shoot scenes for her role as a TV talent show judge in new Hollywood movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting later this month.

The production also stars Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison.

‘It doesn’t mean she suddenly wants to become actress,’ a source tells MailOnline.

‘It was just an opportunity that has come up while she has been having some down time and she thought it would be great fun to take part.’

Cheryl’s cameo will see her judge Cameron’s character Jules, who auditions for an X Factor-style talent contest.

First hints of the 28-year-old’s new venture came during the Cannes Film Festival in May when she caught the eye of movie bigwig Harvey Weinstein, who’s produced box office hits including Shakespeare In Love and The King’s Speech.

‘I want to put Cheryl Cole in one of my films,’ Harvey, 59, told the Daily Mirror.

‘I’ve heard all about her. She’d make a great leading lady.

‘She has a very interesting life story, I’m told.’

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