Cold weather skin care

Did you know that the moisturiser Nivea is called Nivea because the word means snow-white – like the colour of the cream! The first Nivea Creme was invented in 1911 but with today’s weather, there couldn’t be a more apt beauty product.

Playing with the kids in the snow is great for your heart and your circulation. But the downside is that you may also get sore lips, chapped skin and in some extreme cases, wind burn from the icy cold wind.

So, you need to slather on a thick moisturiser – do it before you leave the house. And apply a thick lip balm too, that stays on and you don’t need to reapply every 5 mins. Don’t forget your hands and feet too – when they’re wrapped up in thick gloves and socks the moisturiser will skin in to the skin more effectively.

There are some great products around that aren’t expensive and do a brilliant job:

If you have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis try: Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Face Cream

Good for all the family: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Ultimate Day Cream Moisturiser

A classic beauty essential and great on skin, lips and all over the body: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Excellent lip balms: Lush Lip Balms

Brand new, organic and full of natural ingredients: Trilogy Everything Balm

And if you’re staying indoors, take the opportunity to treat your skin to some TLC. Try a self-heating beauty product – yes, it sounds odd, but there are face masks and scrubs that due to the ingredients (usually natural clays that heat up on contact with water) actually warm up. Thess sort of products are great for several reasons: the heat helps the skin’s pores open up and draw out dirt and impurities, and the heat means the active ingredients work better.

Here are a few of my recommended buys:
Biore Self-Heating Mask

No 7 Hydro Quench Sauna Mask

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub 400

And for your hair:
Lee Stafford Hot Shot Volume Detox Treatment