Coleen Nolan’s son has swine flu!

Coleen Nolan and Shane Richie’s teenage son is suffering from swine flu.

Jake Richie, 16, who was diagnosed on Wednesday, is on antibiotics and in quarantine in his bedroom.

‘It is terrifying and I’ve been desperately worried about him,’ says Loose Women star Coleen, 44. ‘I can’t help thinking about the terrible ways in which the disease can develop.

‘I’ve spent ages reading about swine flu on the internet and they say people with asthma are particularly susceptible.

‘What frightens me is that all the people who’ve died had underlying health problems. Teenage boys are apparently also most at risk, so it’s been a terrible worry.’

Loose Women host Coleen admits she initially dismissed Jake’s fears he could have the virus.

‘Jake said to me, “Mum, maybe I’ve got swine flu,”‘ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Men always think there’s something terribly wrong with them when they haven’t, so I just said, “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s just a bit of a temperature. You’ll be fine.”

‘I feel so guilty about telling Jake he couldn’t possibly have swine flu when he did. Thank goodness he seems to be finally on the mend.’

Coleen is now waiting to see if she, son Shane Jr, 21, and Ciara, 8, her daughter with husband Ray Fensome, have caught it.

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