Construction and the Built Environment

For the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment your course will look at 3 main areas:

1. Designing the built environment: Learning how the built environment is designed and constructed, how it impacts on people and communities, and how history, politics and economics affect it
2. Creating the built environment: Developing a range of skills and knowledge needed in different industries – for example, using tools and understanding modern construction methods and materials
3. Valuing and using the built environment: Analysing the need for good management and continuous maintenance, and understanding the importance of good design, workmanship and teamwork

If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you’ll be looking at the same themes but exploring them in more detail and in different practical ways. Like focusing on architectural elements, community involvement and the variety of things that shape and influence what we build.

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These are some of the things you might do on your course:

* Find out how to design buildings for different uses
* And the different stages:
* Like planning, design, build and maintenance
* Go on construction site visits
* See how to work safely in the industry
* Learn to use land, tools, methods and materials
* And how to look after buildings once they’re constructed
* Plus the issues that affect the sector today

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