Corrie spoiler: Tina’s got some shock news for Peter

It seems that love rat Peter Barlow is about to get his just desserts when both wife Carla and Tina reveal they’re pregnant at the same time!

Tina drops the baby bombshell after the two come to blows over their affair, and after finding himself with more buns in the oven than Roy’s got rolls, ex-alchy Peter hits the bottle.

We’ve already revealed Tina will be killed off the soap – but will bad boy Peter be angry enough to do the deed or perhaps it’ll be Carla who sticks the knife in?

Corrie producers have apparently filmed four endings to keep us guessing right up until the last minute.

Actress Michelle Keegan who plays Tina in the soap, said in an interview with ITV she thought Tina would be devastated to find out Peter was having a baby with Carla.

‘She really wants a child and Peter does tell her that he doesn’t want children and therefore he’s not good for her and can’t give her what she wants.

‘To find out that he actually does want children, just not with her, would be a slap in the face for Tina.’

Michelle wouldn’t confirm whether the rumours about Tina being pregnant too were true though.

‘I don’t think she would intently get pregnant but I think she would like a child with Peter. If she does get pregnant again she knows she would never be able to get rid of the baby,’ she said.

Who do you think will kill Tina? Answers in the comments below!

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