Credit crunch: Anyone else sick of it?

A year ago no one had even heard of the phrase ‘credit crunch’, but since then you can’t watch TV, listen to the radio or even read web sites like this for too long before it pops up again. It’s a bit like ‘tsunami’ and ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘Peter Mandelson’ – suddenly you’re saying them all the time but have no idea what they really mean.

And we’re as guilty as anyone of using ‘credit crunch’ on goodtoknow (probably too much it has to be said), but there don’t seem to be many other alternatives. Weirdly, ‘recession’ doesn’t quite cut it these days.

But what does ‘credit crunch’ actually mean? Louise here still thinks it’s a type of breakfast cereal. Maybe it will be in a few months. You heard it here first!

All I know is:

1. Everything is more expensive 2. There are loads of lovely autumn clothes that I mustn’t buy 3. I’m paranoid about banks with funny names closing down

At least there’s still X Factor