Danger – wheely suitcase ahead!

Once I was involved in a terrible pile-up. I was on my way up a crowded escalator when the woman at the top got off and stopped dead, while her wheely suitcase stayed on the escalator, trapping everyone else.

As they ran out of stairs, people began to topple like dominoes. Suitcases started heading down the escalator towards us. I could see all this ahead of me, but there was no room to turn back. My husband, behind me, took action. He leapt up the escalator, manfully hurdled the last two women to hit the floor, picked up a suitcase and threw it as hard as he could away from the top of the escalator. We leapt off, unhurt. The woman then wandered off, oblivious to the carnage she’d left behind.

Ooh she made me mad. I HATE wheely suitcases and trollies. I can’t tell you how many I’ve tripped over trying to cross a station. You should have to have lessons in how to control one and there should be a law stating you have to be aware of your case at all times and on the spot fines if anyone falls over it. And have you seen those great big men wheeling tiny little cases around? Just PICK IT UP and CARRY IT!!!! You have ARMS!!!!

Escalator training should also be obligatory. Why do people stop dead before they get on at the bottom? Just keep walking! It’s not hard!

What makes you mad when you’re travelling? Go on, get it off your chest…