Danyl pushes Stacey too far

X Factor’s Danyl Johnson has left fellow contestant Stacey Solomon in tears

When Stacey Solomon clasped baby Zach to her chest, she released the pressure of the last month and sobbed her heart out.

Now can reveal X Factor bosses finally relented last week and gave Stacey more time with her 18-month-old son as she struggled to cope without him.

The enforced absence from Zach has been made even worse by fellow contestant Danyl Johnson, 27, who is in danger of ostracising himself from all the acts with his behaviour.

Our source within The X Factor camp says: ‘Stacey’s vulnerable and it’s like walking on egg shells around her, so when Danyl read out stories from the newspapers about her being an unfit mum for leaving Zach at home, she couldn’t take any more.

‘This isn’t the first time Danyl’s had other acts in tears – Kandy Rain said he upset them, too. He disregards people’s feelings, not realising virtually all the acts are barely out of their teens.

‘He ends up subtly putting people down, not realising a comment on a bad performance or story can be really taken to heart.’

Danyl and Stacey, 20, came to an uneasy truce when they were pictured together while visiting sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital last Tuesday.

‘When Danyl finished in the final two, it shook him up,’ says our insider.

‘Since that reality check, Danyl’s become a lot more contrite, but it seems like it’s going to take much more than a week of kindness to forgive his past sins.’

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