Derek Hough has been a ‘total womaniser’

Cheryl Cole may be loved-up in LA with US dancer Derek Hough, but she’d better be wary because the US dancer ‘draws women to him’.

LA-based model Melissa Arnold tells Now: ‘Derek’s a total player. He plays the “nice guy” role really well because he’s so young and a country boy from Idaho, so girls fall for it hook, line and sinker.

‘Plus, he has the most insane body from dancing.

‘It’s incredible – and from what I’m told, he knows how to use it. The guy’s got stamina!

‘He knows how to convince girls he’s faithful, even while he has two or three others on rotation.

‘I once saw him at LA nightclub Coco de Ville and he was kissing one girl when he first got there and then at 2am he left with another one.

‘Total womaniser.’

Friends have warned that Cheryl, whose divorce from cheating ex-husband Ashley is imminent, could be setting herself up for more heartbreak in the future.

But Now can exclusively reveal that she’s undeterred and is still going full steam ahead.

The couple, who’ve been cosied up at their hotel for the past three weeks, have only left their room a handful of times.

According to a source at the Sunset Marquis, Cheryl and Derek rarely surface before 3pm and have taken to eating all of their meals in their room – always delivered by their personal butler.

See the full story about Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough in Now magazine dated 30 August 2010 – out now!