Desperate Housewives: What happens next?

Hip hip hooray! Desperate Housewives is back. Want to know what’s going to happen?

Just to confuse things, tonight’s episode is actually the first of the second half of series 4 which was cut short by the Hollywood Writers’ Strike. Last time we saw the ladies of Wisteria Lane, a tornado had just gone through the town causing complete havoc.

In tonight’s show…

Lynette is looking for God now that she has survived cancer and a tornado (what a woman!), while embarrassing Bree in the process. Edie does a good turn (yes, really) and reveals the truth about Carlos’ sight to Gabrielle while Susan gets a visit from her gorgeous cousin, Tim.

Want to know more about what’s in store for the ladies? Click through to find out about Susan and co, but be aware that these pages do contain SPOILERS!

See Susan’s story

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