‘Did you know shopping burns calories?’

I’ve never liked exercise. No matter how many times someone tells me it’s good for me, I just don’t want to do it. So you can imagine how happy was I when I read in the paper this morning that women burn off more than 12,000 calories a year just by going shopping! I knew you could lose weight by doing housework, but shopping?!

Apparently we walk an average of 2.02 miles every time we hit the shops. I can believe that. Sometimes when I’ve been to Bluewater I feel like I’ve done a marathon. Although, what would I know about that?!

In America they have ‘mall walking’, where people literally walk round and round the mall and then stop off of a coffee. Now that appeals. But I just can’t quite imagine me power walking round The Glades shopping centre near where I live, in a tracksuit and trainers. I fear I could well end up looking like this!