Do you believe in ghosts? This spooky sighting will haunt your dreams tonight

We all love a ghost story, especially at Hallowen, but do you believe ghosts are real?

You will after watching this footage (if you dare!)

Casper the friendly ghost

Wandering aimlessly outside a police station in New Mexico, a spooky
blurred figure was captured on CCTV giving the security guards quite a
scare. The figure passed through a high-security gated area – which is pretty hard for us regulars to get through (erm… unless you have keys of course!)

Police watched the footage of the mysterious phantom figure and still don’t have a reasonable explaination for the sighting. A few of the detectives are convinced that they’ve seen a ghost and that the police station is being haunted by this spook. But what do you think?

We’re feeling rather freaked out after watching this supernatural
encounter and have one burning question on our lips – to believe or not to believe?

Happy Halloween!

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