Do you want the ironing board?

Our daughter is now 2 ½ and is talking an awful lot. In fact we can chat away and she is mostly understandable, as long as you know the gist of the conversation.

Yesterday, though, she stumped us both for ages. She spent 5 minutes wandering around saying ‘ur-tok’.

We desperately tried to work out what it was she wanted. We tried all her favourite toys, even though they sounded nothing like ‘ur-tok’. We even suggested the ironing board because it had been out earlier. Nothing doing.

By now she was getting increasingly frustrated and upset. And no matter what we suggested was right. What on earth was this ‘ur-tok’? Suddenly there was a shriek of delight and she came out from behind the armchair in the lounge, clutching one of her old baby toys… a hedgehog!

Roll on the days when we can understand everything she says perfectly