‘Do you want to talk to Daddy?’

Over the past few weeks, my 2-year-old has started to want to talk to me on the phone most days while I’m at work.

Previously, when her talking wasn’t that great she’d listen to my voice on speakerphone and just giggle and not really say anything – now though it’s impossible to get her off.

Clearly our conversations aren’t particularly in-depth, but they’re always fun. It mainly consists of me asking her what she had for lunch – she’s always very excited about food – and what toys she’s been playing with – building bricks are currently very popular.

When you have small children and have to go to work it’s frustrating to know you’re missing out, so even though it sounds such a small thing, it makes a huge difference to be able to communicate even on a simple level with her when I’m not at home.

Mind you, I know in a few years time I’m going to be desperately trying to stop her hogging the phone so I shouldn’t complain!

Apester Lazyload