Early morning train rage

If I said I felt murderous I think it might actually be an understatement. How many of you have to get public transport to work? Well I have that pleasure and this morning, my train was cancelled.

This caused an immediate red mist rage as I get up at six o clock in the morning so that I can get an early train and avoid the crush. I even get a seat. I know, it’s a miracle. Anyway they cancelled it so I had to get the next one and two train loads of people got onto one and you can imagine how nice that was. It wasn’t even properly daylight yet!

I remember once some MP or other suggesting commuters should stagger their journeys so we don’t all travel at once. Clearly the man went everywhere by ministerial car and was talking from the place he sits on because me and thousands of others are staggering every day. It made me wonder, if when the government make decisions about things that affect us worker ants, do they actually ask us what it’s really like out there? How many ‘ordinary’ people are included in ‘working parties’ or whatever they call them? I’ve certainly never been asked to be part of one, have you? Anyway, I felt so foul when I finally got into the office, there was only one thing for it. A large coffee, a banana muffin and some Riverdancing chimps. It works every time!