Make a giant rabbit mask!

Imagine a load of these hopping about at your Easter party! Kids will love playing make-believe with their giant rabbit masks, and making her will be equally as fun. Our resident crafter, Gemma Chandler, shows you how-to in four easy steps.

You will need

– Large dinner plate – Large piece of cardboard – Scissors – Pencil and pen – White, pink and yellow paint – Pink paper and brown paper – Green origami paper – Thin wire – Glue – Paper clips – Pink and yellow pom poms – Garden cane – Pink velvet ribbon

Step 1

Draw round a plate onto cardboard and cut out. Draw two long ear shapes and cut out. Paint the pieces white.

Step 2

Once dry, paint pink cheeks on the bunny’s face and draw eyes and mouth with the pen.

Step 3

For the rosettes, cut strips of paper – 5x20cm, 6x20cm, and 7x20cm. Score at 1cm intervals along the length of each and fold, accordian style. Tie thin wire around the middle, then seperate the folds to create fans. Bring the ends of the fans together to make a circle and glue. Hold in place with paper clips until dry. Glue a pom pom to the middle of each, then glue to the top of the bunny’s face.

Step 4

Paint inside the white ears with yellow paint, then cut out and stick on two smaller ear shapes in brown paper. Glue the ears to the mask, then glue on a garden cane and tie on the ribbon.

Craft by: Suzie Attaway