Edward Bray

Name: Edward Bray
Age: 25 Occupation: Trainee in the European Parliament
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Ed Bray’s French skills have landed him the job of a lifetime – a five month traineeship with the European Parliament in Brussels. After a Masters degree in European Politics (where he studied in Bath, Berlin and Prague) it’s a dream role for Ed, who loves working in such an international environment and attends parliamentary debates and events on a regular basis.

A keen traveler, Ed also spent time in Germany during his A-levels and as part of his French & German degree at Cambridge University. One of the most valuable experiences he had during these trips was joining a local hockey team, which not only kept him fit but made him new friends and improved his language skills enormously.

Ed has always been passionate and driven about languages – after a trip to Germany organised by his county council, he was so keen to take German as well as French for GSCE that he took German classes with a school teacher in his own time.

In the future, he would love to continue to work in an international environment – possibly for an EU agency.

As he explains,

“I’ve made so many friends through speaking languages and it’s introduced me to other cultures and people’s lives. Working in an international environment is exciting and eye-opening and really opens up your options”.