For the Diploma in engineering your course will look at 3 main areas:

1. The engineered world: Looks at the importance of engineering in the modern world and the impact engineering has on the way we live our lives
2. Discovering engineering technology: Introduces basic engineering principles such as design, materials, electronics systems, maintenance and manufacturing
3. Engineering the future: Looks at what makes innovations succeed, how new materials contribute to design and how to develop and launch new ideas

If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you’ll be looking at the same themes but exploring them in more detail and in different practical ways. Like how engineering businesses operate and the processes involved, as well as science and maths disciplines. You’ll also learn how to use technology, programs like Computer Aided Design, to produce scaled models.

At Advanced Level you will look at these themes in more depth plus a new one: Analytic Methods in Engineering. This is about understanding and applying mathematical and scientific principles in engineering analysis, design and problem solving.

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These are some of things you might do on your course:

* See how engineering is used all around you
* And all the industries it plays a part in
* Learn what’s involved, from design and electronics to materials
* Find out how to sketch ideas into diagrams
* Then turn them into 3D models and scaled drawings
* Solve challenges and problems of design
* Develop new ideas of your own
* Then, use technology to bring them to life

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