Eugh! Must you?

What do you think about putting your make-up on on the bus or train? I don’t do it myself (my train journey to work’s not long enough…), but I find it strangely fascinating when other people do it and I have to stare at them until they’ve finished.

I much prefer watching that to the disgusting things I’ve seen people do around me on public transport. Why can’t they just sit quietly and read the paper?

Our Beth saw someone plucking her eyebrows on the train – why? What could possibly be so urgent about plucking your eyebrows that can’t wait until you get home?

And the other day a businessman in a suit pulled out a nail file and started filing away so vigorously my black coat got a layer of white powder all over it. Once I was on the Tube and a lady got out some nail cutters. It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen as people dodged shards of nails pinging around the carriage.

But nothing will ever beat the man who sat next to me and ate his own ear wax. It was all I could do to stop myself from being sick. I bet you’ve seen some hideous things. Let me know…