Even the Stars Look Lonesome by Maya Angelou

Chosen by Maxine Edwards, 40, Bedfordshire Maxine lives with partner, Calvin, and their two-year old son, Corey. She works part time as a volunteer support worker and loves films, creative writing and music.

Maxine says:
‘When I first got this book, I would look forward to curling up and reading it every night, but I tried to pace myself as I didn’t want to finish it too quickly. It’s a collection of autobiographical stories from Angelou’s amazing life. Some are sad, some are happy, but all are uplifting and written with wisdom, modesty and humour. I found myself smiling in recognition about a lot of what the author says, and although there are lots of life lessons in this book, they’re presented in such a humble and subtle way that they don’t feel patronising. I’ve read many of Angelou’s books and I feel this is one of her best.’