Tesco Everyday Value Family Challenge winners!

Goodtoknow went on the hunt for the tastiest low-cost family recipes around and you didn’t disappoint! We asked you to send in the recipe for a great meal you make for your family using Tesco’s Everyday Value ingredients, along with a tip to make it even better value, or even more tasty.

The competition was stiff, but our four winners chosen each week impressed us with their dishes, including one a user had been making since she was a student and a meal named by the kids! We’ve also highlighted a goodtoknow star recipe for each week which we thought was extra good value. Here are the winners’ recipes, so you can see how delicious and easy they are for yourselves. And, as they use Tesco’s Everyday Value ingredients, you’ll find they’re fantastic value for money too. Enjoy making them and congratulations to all our winners!

Week One

Fruit salad cheesecake
Perfect for a mid-week treat for a family, or if you’ve got friends over for dinner. You can also add chocolate for an extra 30p!

Tuna pasta salad
Loads of flavour packed into just six ingredients!

Mum’s-whatever’s-left-in-cupboard meal
A fantastic meal with a fantastic name!

Cheese and onion bread pudding

Goodtoknow star recipe!
When you think of bread pudding, you might automatically think of a dessert featuring raisins and custard. This is a savoury spin on a classic dessert with cheese, onion and garlic.

Week Two

Easy banana bread
Perfect if you’re having friends over for tea and a great way of using up odd crusts!

Chicken tarragon

Goodtoknow star recipe!
Cook all the ingredients together so the flavours mingle and there’s less washing up!

Bloody Mary soup
You don’t have to have a hangover to enjoy this soup and without the vodka it’s perfect for the whole family.

Filo pastry samosas
Get the kids to help you parcel up the cooked vegetables!

Week Three

Cheesy beef burgers
Extra lean beef mince means these burgers are really healthy!

Seafood pasta
You can buy the mixed seafood in a large bag and save the rest for another meal.

Cheesy fish bake for 4
Easy, delicious and just three ingredients!

Mel’s nurse’s home left over sausage casserole

Goodtoknow star recipe
A great dish for using leftovers.

Week Four

Zesty chicken and peas in a pot
Swap the chicken for turkey and you’ll save cash and calories.

Chicken and leek pie
Well worth the effort.

Ginger pepper and tomato soup

Goodtoknow star recipe!
The ginger makes this soup lovely and warming, perfect for winter.

Cheap as chicken!
Easy to make, moist and full of flavour.

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