Family Week Story Time

On Wednesday 27th of May, join families all across the UK for Family Week Story Time.

Telling, reading and sharing stories are magical ways to spend time together, so dust off the bookshelves and pull out your childhood favourites.

Join National Family Week and organisations like the National Literacy Trust, Booktrust, and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council to celebrate the joy of storytelling.

Dads should get in on the reading as well. The Literary Trust reports that it’s often more important for dads to be involved with their sons since reading can be stereotyped as a ‘girly’ thing to do.

Girls currently outperform boys in literacy tests at all ages in school and this is partly down to to a lack of dad readers.

Storytelling is another simple way to encourage reading, widen vocabulary, and boost children’s imaginations at home. Sharing stories can be a way to talk and connect within the family, building relationships through entertainment.

From pictures to poems, memories to mystery novels, Family Week Story Time includes any story, any time, anywhere, every family.

Family Week Story Time

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