Gabriella White

Name: Gabriella White
Age: 24 Occupation: Freelance linguist and reporter
Location: Weardale, County Durham

An accomplished linguist, Gabriella speaks five languages including French, Dutch and Japanese, and has actively used her skills to the benefit of her career in journalism.

After working for an international marketing company, she decided to pursue her passion – writing – by taking up her current position as Arts & Culture reporter for her local newspaper, the Weardale Gazette in April 2009. Her job often allows her to exercise her language skills – for example attending a traditional German carnival in the area and conducting interviews in German.

Gabriella studied French, German, Linguistics and Art History at Durham University, where she enhanced her student experience by becoming an International Student Representative, providing vital language support for the international student body. She also spent seven months of her course as a teaching assistant in the town of Arras, Northern France, regularly travelling to the Louvre in Paris to conduct research for her Art History assignments.

In the future, Gabriella would love to work as a foreign correspondent for a national newspaper.

She says,

“Languages are a brilliant ice-breaker in so many walks of life. They open doors both socially and in business and definitely increase your employability – speaking languages makes my CV stand out and allows me to be more choosy with jobs, as well as broadening my horizons and expanding my friendship network.”