Get kissable lips for Valentine’s

Experts say that women’s lips are representative of their intimate areas – which, supposedly, is why, full, plump lips give a sexy sign to men.

Whether that’s true or not, there’s no doubting that soft, plump kissable lips are a must for Valentine’s Day.

Prep your lips
If they’re rough try a lip exfoliator. It’s like a waxy lip balm with gritty bits to exfoliate. If you don’t want to spend the cash, use a clean, old tooth brush instead – but be gentle and moisturise your lips well first with a lip balm.

Recommended buy: The Body Shop Lipscuff, £7.80

Whether you’re going for full-on sexy on subtly sexy, use a lip liner. Never make the mistake of using a liner that is darker or lighter than the shade of your lips or lipstick – it looks ridiculous!

Insider trick!
Here’s a trick that all the top make-up artists use on celebrities:

Apply a very thin line of pale shimmery colour around the cupid’s bow part of the lips – don’t make it obvious, blend it slightly with your lipstick. This makes your lips look fuller and plumper.

Recommended buy: Benefit Glided Highlighting Pencil, £12.50 (you can use this on your eyes and cheeks too!)

Forget fashionable colours – go for a red or bright pink
Don’t be shy and don’t think that you can’t wear bright, bold colours.

Keep the rest of your make-up plain and subtle – a bit of blusher, a bit of mascara, a neutral eye shadow.

Find your best red or pink:

Check your skin tone – are you pale skinned with a pink-y undertone, like Holly Willoughby or do you have a warmer skin tone? Like Kelly Brook.

If you have a warm skin tone go for an orange-y red or a warm pink.

Recommended buy: Check out the reds/corals and the plums/mauves from Revlon

If you have a cool skin tone go for a purple-y red or a cool, blue-y pink.

Recommended buy: Check out the reds/corals and browns and the pinks from Revlon

For plumper lips
Lip gloss is always a great way of making lips – with or without lipstick – look fuller.

Recommended buy: Ruby & Millie Hot Gloss Lip Gloss, £11.50

Or you could choose a lip-plumping product. These usually have an active ingredient that encourages blood flow to the lips, usually this is cinnamon or ginger oil – so if you or whoever you’re kissing is allergic – check the label! Especially if you’re embarking on kissing him anywhere other than his lips…

Recommended buy: Too Faced Lip Injection, £10 – no needles required!

If you have wrinkles around your lips use a skin cream or foundation with light reflecting particles – you could use an eye cream for dark circles, as it tends to do the same thing for your lips.

Recommended buy: Olay Regenerist Anti-ageing Lip Treatment, £21.03